Follow the steps below to configure HylaFAX Enterprise with your credentials:

Connect to the Appliance Console -- the menu area you see on screen when you boot the HylaFAX Enterprise Appliance server (not the web interface). If you don't have physical access to the server's console, you can attach to the Appliance Console by running `attach-console` from a remote SSH connection. Simply press CTRL-\ to disconnect from the console when you're done.

Select "Advanced Options" -> "Configure Telco Connections"

Enter your settings into the following fields:
  • Gateway:
  • SIP From: sip:<<YOUR_DID>>     (example:
  • Username: <<YOUR_DID>>
  • Password: <<PASSWORD>>
  • Do SIP registration: Enabled
  • Allow U-Law: Enabled
  • T.38 Support: T.38 only
  • Outbound passthrough timeout (ms): 15000
  • Enable V.34: Disabled

=== Important: Substitute <<YOUR_DID>> and <<PASSWORD>> with your SIP Credentials. ===

Be sure to save your settings!

HylaFAX Enterprise T38Fax SIP Config

Select "Configure Dialing Options" and input the following settings:
  • Country Code: 1 Area Code: <<YOUR_LOCAL_AREA_CODE>>
  • Long Distance Prefix: 1
  • International Prefix: 011
  • Outside Dialing Prefix: <leave blank>
  • Local number min length: 7
  • LD number min length: 10
  • Other local area codes (regex): NONE
  • Always dial local area code: Enabled
  • Always dial LD code: Enabled 

Save your settings -- and try to send a fax.

HylaFAX Enterprise T38Fax Dialing Config

Amazon Web Services Marketplace

The HylaFAX Enterprise Appliance is also available on the Amazon Web Services platform. This pre-installed system will allow you to easily install HylaFAX Enterprise on Amazon EC2 and send/receive faxes with your account without having to manage your own virtualization infrastructure.


Click here to launch HylaFAX Enterprise on AWS