Forget everything you learned on the Internet!

Most online 'experts' recommend the following (wrong) settings:

  1. Reduce speed to 9600bps
  2. Turn off ECM error correction
Some fax machines call it 'basic' mode, others call it 'low' compatibility. Whatever it's called, you don't want it.

Instead we recommend:
  1. Set speed to 14,400
  2. Make sure ECM error correction is enabled

Sometimes these parameters are controlled together in a single option. On Brother fax machines, for example, you would need to select 'normal' compatibility at:

MENU -> 2. Fax -> 0. Miscellaneous -> 1. Compatibility -> 'normal'

Not sure what your fax machine is set to? Use our ECM Self Test to find out. In addition to testing ECM capabilities, your transmission speed will be listed under "SignalRate".