A full-featured computer fax software and answering machine software

VentaFax is designed for sending and receiving faxes, caller number delivery (Caller ID) if supported by your telephone company, and using modem voice functions (answering machine and others).

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1. Signup for a Free Trial!

1. Sign up for a Free Trial account here: Free Trial Signup

2. Initial Setup

We'll need to configure VentaFax to use IP Telephony for its connection. This can be accomplished by clicking the "Settings" button, and selecting "Use Internet Telephony" under the General Connection tab. It may prompt you with a notice as displayed in the screenshot below. Click "Yes" and move on to Step 2.

3. SIP Registration

Once clicking "Yes" during the previous step, you should be automatically directed to the "IP Telephony - Accounts" section. Here you will configure the SIP account you signed up for in Step 1. In the "Create new account" dialog, configure the following settings:

Configuration OptionRequired Value
Name :T38Fax SIP Trunk
SIP Server Host Name
Port :5080
SIP ID or user name :SIP_USERNAME help
Password :SIP_PASSWORD help
Send redundant T.38 fax data :Enabled (Check the Box)
Maximum Number of Simultaneous Connections :As Desired (We set 10)
Registration Expiry :300

Once you've finished entering your information, click the "Apply" button, and you should see the "State" of the account you just created change to "Registered" in a moment or two. If not, double check that you entered all of your information correctly.

4. SIP Registration

Next, click the "Extended" tab and navigate to "IP Telephony -> Advanced" and configure the following options:

Configuration OptionRequired Value
SIP UDP Port Number :5080
RTP From Port :10000
RTP To Port :20000

5. Advanced Fax Settings

Still under the Extended tab, navigate to "Fax -> General -> Advanced" and configure the following options:

Configuration OptionRequired Value
Allow 2D Coding (MR) During Reception :Enabled (Check the Box)
Allow 2D Coding (MR) During Transmission :Enabled (Check the Box)

Also, navigate to "Fax -> General" and uncheck the box that reads: "Disable voice mode when sending a fax"

This setting ensures that VentaFax does not issue the reINVITE for T.38 on outbound calls. (This is the responsibility of the receiving side of the call). See the screenshot below:

Be sure to "Apply" these options then click "Ok."

6. Auto Answer

Setting up Auto Answer allows you to receive faxes without manual intervention. On the virtual phone interface, click the auto button, and click on the Announcement and Record radio dials to disable them, leaving only Fax and Caller ID enabled, as in the screenshot.

7. Operation (Send a Test)

That's it! You should be able to send a test fax now. Click "Send" and select a file (there are demonstration files available in the default directory when it opens) then input the desired number and click the button that says "Send with Dialed Number" to initiate the fax. Use our Fax-Back service by sending a page to: 215-825-8792 and your fax will be sent back to you after successful reception! Should you have any issues feel free to open a ticket with our support team who can look into this for you.